Octopus Pie Box Set: Now on Sale

You can now find the box set through both comic shops and major book retailers.

As of this writing, there appears to be a few copies left on Amazon, and none on B&N. I would recommend checking with your local comic shop to see if they can order it.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered, ordered a box from me directly, or is planning to buy the set! It’s been a real joy designing this box and releasing it into the world. I hope it looks lovely on your shelf.

Perfect Tides 2.0 for PC

Perfect Tides version 2.0 is now available on Steam and Itch! Among many fixes and improvements include full controller support, as well as Steam Achievements.

If you already have the game in your library, this update is free. However, be warned: updating will break your old saves. Happy playing!

Octopus Pie Boxes First Look!

I was thrilled to receive my set of 200 Octopus Pie boxes yesterday. Why yes, they’re burning a hole in my dining room floor.

Believe it or not, the image in the previous post is a mock-up. I’m quite the Photoshop wizard! But these are the real deal.

Bright colors, lovely matte finish, solid construction. And best of all, it fits both the new reprint of Volume 1 (coming to stores in October!) and the original printing from 2016.

I will be selling these starting Monday, September 18th. But I want to be specific, so everyone gets a chance at the thing they really want.

What I’ll be selling: The empty box, with no barcode. I have 200 of these.

Why would you want this? If you already own the books, of course! They have been out for a while, and real heads know the deal. But maybe you’ve never seen them before – they’ve been hard to find since Volume 1 went out of print. If you don’t own any of the books, it’s actually a better deal to buy them all together, as outlined below.

What I won’t be selling: The books. If you’d like to buy the box with all 5 books inside, you can get them all together from your local comic shop, or order them from any major book retailer. The entire set (box included) retails for $74.99, which is a great deal compared to buying them individually.

Does the set include the 2021 and 2022 Octopus Pie stories? No, it does not. This set is the original serialized webcomic run. Besides, I don’t have enough material for another collected volume. But these two stories are occasionally for sale in my store in minicomic form – and I will post about it here when they are.

That’s all for now! If you want to by notified about the box sale by e-mail, go ahead and use the Subscribe form in the left sidebar. See you soon!

Octopus Pie Box Set: Out on 10/4

I’ve gotten word from Image that the box set collecting all 5 print editions of Octopus Pie have arrived stateside, and will be on sale October 4th. A little later than initially planned, but sooner than we know it. Please let your local comics retailer know if you’d like to order one! They can be ordered to comic shops from Lunar Distribution, and online from any of your favorite book retailers. The book market (Barnes & Noble, etc.) release date is 10/17.

A mock-up, but pretty close.

If you’ve already got the books, I will be selling a limited number of empty boxes directly. Keep watch on here and my Twitter account for updates. See you soon!