Perfect Tides: Station To Station Dev Log – Spring 2024

It’s been quiet since the release of the Perfect Tides: Station to Station demo. At least, from the outside! In here in Devworld things are progressing at full clip. Read on for a few of the latest updates.

I have finished writing, staging, coding and creating rough artwork for every scene of the story, which amounts to an entire “ugly” game. That means it’s not only possible for me to play the game all the way to the end, but also (somewhat) possible for another player to do so, which means the editorial process – and the serious coding of every mechanism and branching outcome – can begin. This is an enormous milestone, the kind that makes the whole thing feel like it’s accelerating rapidly.

There remains, of course, much to do. Artwork and assets galore. Minigames. The aforementioned editorial and coding work. And that’s before the mightiest round of playtesting yet. It makes my head spin just writing it all out. If it wasn’t already apparent, this game will not be finished in 2024.

BUT, by the end of this year, it may very well be testable. The farthest this game has ever been tested is to the end of Act 1. By December, I predict we will be testing the whole enchilada. Everyone who’s gotten their hands on PT2 has been impressed with how far along it is, and I hope this assurance will be satisfying for anyone who’s anxious to play. I continue to be very pleased with the work of this tiny team, the shape the game has taken, and the reactions by players thus far.

Please get comfy. Before you know it, this game will be in your hands and hearts. I know it’s going to be special.

On the events front, I’m thrilled to say I’ll be appearing at Adventure Game Fan Fair in Tacoma, WA on July 26-28, where I will be demo’ing PT:STS and discussing the game in person. This is a dream event for me as a lifelong fan of Sierra point n’ click adventures, and I’m so humbled that the organizers have included me in their roster. If you are in the area, I would love to see you there.

Finally, here’s a round-up of some interviews and features on Perfect Tides since the release of the PT:STS Demo:

And for those who are finding it hard to wait, I’d like to point you to lots of great streams of the ST:STS demo, many of which are available as VODs on Twitch. And of course, you can play the demo yourself here!

Have a great spring — much more to come soon!