Perfect Tides: Station to Station Demo Out NOW!

Today is the day. A demo for Perfect Tides: Station to Station is now available on Steam. Please enjoy!

It’s an incredible thrill to be offering this first look at this game, which could not exist without the artists who’ve helped to craft it. Please join me in celebrating the work of the core team Soren Hughes (Background Design) and Daniel Kobylarz (Music), as well as the artists who have contributed graphic assets: Garrett Hobson, Carly Monardo, and Tony Wilson.

This build has also benefitted from dozens of hours of testing and feedback, thanks to a generous and dedicated pool of playtesters. You will find their names at the end of the demo, when you’ve experienced their efforts for yourself.

While you’re downloading, consider wishlisting the game! It keeps you abreast of game updates, feeds the Steam algo, and is a big help toward getting the word out about these games.