Post-MAGFest, A Demo Approaches

Greetings from the other side of MAGFest! As it turns out, this has been quite the milestone for Perfect Tides: Station to Station. The demo played beautifully, with dozens of people racking up multiple days of gameplay. The feedback was tremendous and players were engaging deeply with the game.

Our humble island home at MAGFest.

So, what does this mean for us at home?

It means we are very close to an online demo. If all goes well, a playable build should be available by February. This version will include 1 full day (of 16) in the game’s story, with about 30-60 minutes of gameplay.

To ensure you don’t miss the announcement, here are some ways to stay in touch:

That’s all for now – see you when there’s more news! If you were one of the people who demo’d the game at MAGFest, you have my utmost gratitude for your time and thoughts.